You can pay with tap & go ® for journeys starting at:

  • metro lines A, B/B1 and C
  • regional railway lines operated by Atac (Roma-Lido, Termini-Centocelle, Roma- Viterbo urban section), in the stations equipped with entrance turnstiles.

Remember that on the B1 line there are also exit turnstiles and you will have to tap again to exit the station. The exit tap does not involve further charges.

Moreover, you will be able to continue your journey on all Atac surface urban vehicles (buses, trams and trolleybuses) up to the 100 minutes of validity. If you want to continue your journey on Cotral vehicles, you must have downloaded the Atac tap & go ® application (only on Android devices with NFC technology), necessary in case of on-board controls. At the moment you cannot use tap & go ® on Trenitalia trains.

If you use your card as a monthly subscription (whitelist) you can travel on the entire Atac network during the charged month.