1. The published comments must be relevant to the topic of the post to which they refer to.
  2. Off-topic comments will be removed by the page administrator.
  3. The page administrator will also remove all posts, comments or audiovisual materials that:
    • have a political or propaganda content;
    • aim to promote commercial and profit-making activities;
    • use inappropriate language and/or have a threatening, violent, vulgar or disrespectful tone;
    • include illegal content or incitement to perform illegal activities;
    • include offensive, deceptive, alarming content, or that are in violation of third party rights;
    • disclose personal data and information or that may cause harm to third parties or damage their reputation;
    • have obscene, pornographic or child pornography content, or such as to offend common moral sense and user sensitivity;
    • have a content which is discriminatory in relation to gender, race, ethnic group, language, religion, political opinions, sexual orientation, age as well as personal and social conditions;
    • promote or support illegal activities, which infringe copyright or improperly use a registered trademark.
  4. Pages and accounts on social networks are not official channels for collecting reports and/or complaints. For these purposes there are specific customer care channels (see website). However, the web editorial team will collect customer reports consistent with the policy and try to return positive feedback by involving the relevant services.

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