To take advantage of all the online services, you need to register with My Atac, our e-commerce customer service.

By registering with myAtac you will be able to:

Enter my Atac to manage your user profile. Change your password or retrieve your subscription payment receipt.

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Enter my Atac to join the Tap&Go service and check public transport payments made by credit, debit or prepaid card.

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Enter myAtac to charge your Metrebus Card. On this card you can charge the monthly and annual Metrebus Roma passes, the annual Metrebus Lazio pass, the ROMA24/48/72 hour tourist tickets and the Integrated Weekly Card (CIS). Holders of the new èRoma electronic card will be able to charge online the monthly Metrebus Roma pass for 35 euros. The new card is issued by authorized shops (newsagents and tobacconists) at a cost of 3 euros.

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Log in to myAtac to obtain or renew the discounted subscription for the desired category. Send all the necessary documentation and pay directly online.

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It is not necessary to register with My Atac to:

Enter to buy the tourist tickets ROMA 24H (€ 7.00), 48H (€12.50), 72H (€ 18.00), CIS (Integrated weekly card € 24.00), BIT 10 Tickets (€ 15,00), and collect them at Atac ticket offices.

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Remember that you can pay travel tickets also via smartphone. Follow our partners

Atac offers a new ticket payment method via Smartphone.

With this new system, in addition to traditional payment methods, you will be able to buy and validate 100 minute BIT tickets, ROMA24H, ROMA48H, ROMA72H tickets and the Monthly Personal travel pass directly from your smartphone. With MooneyGo you can buy also the annual pass.

This new payment method is developed across multiple platforms.

Currently you can use one of these Apps: MooneyGo, Tabnet, TicketAppy, Dropticket and Telepass Pay.