With over 100 years of history, Atac is Rome's municipal utility for public transport services and Italy's leading urban mobility operator, as well as being one of the largest Local Public Transport companies in Europe.

From the historical centre to the outskirts, Atac’s network covers a territory of about 1,300 km2: 15 operational sites among workshops and vehicle depots, over 8,400 bus, tram and metro stops, 320 surface terminals, 2,750 validators that allow contactless payment on the entire transport network, 89,000 parking stalls (on-street and in park&ride car parks), 2,100 Pay&Go and Pay&Go+ parking meters with digital payment - all integrated into a historical framework built over thousands of years - merge into a complex industrial and citizen services system. Atac carries over 940 million passengers per year (pre-pandemic data 2019), of which 3 million residents, as well as commuters, city users and tourists (about 30 million per year).

With approximately 11 thousand employees Atac operates a fleet of over 2,300 vehicles - buses, trams, trolleybuses, electric vehicles and metro trains. The company has an active presence on all the main social media and its official website atac.roma.it registers an average of over 50,000 daily visits.