Choose between different ways to purchase your tickets:

  • Atac ticket offices

    Buy your ticket at one of the Atac ticket offices along the Metro Lines A and B as well as along the Roma-Lido and the Roma-Viterbo railways.

Opening hours:

  • Monday-Saturday from 7:00 until 20:00;
  • Sundays and holidays from 08:00 until 20:00.

In case of major events you can buy your tickets also at mobile ticket offices.

  • MEB and Mebit

    Use the automatic ticket machines inside our Metro line stations, at our bus terminals and near several points of interest to buy tickets valid in the territory of Rome:

    • BIT (Integrated time tickets)
    • ROMA 24/48/72 hour tickets
    • CIS (Integrated weekly card)

    You can also use one of the automatic ticket machines along the Roma-Viterbo railway. In the stations of Viterbo, Sant'Oreste, Rignano Flaminio, Morlupo and Riano it is also possible to buy distance-based tickets.

  • Authorized shops

    Buy your tickets at one of the 2700 points of sale (newsagents, tobacconists and affiliated bars), 1000 of which are enabled to sell/charge e-tickets (tickets and passes).

  • Tap&Go

    Buy your ticket directly at the turnstile with a contactless card (credit, debit or prepaid card) or with a digital card on NFC-enabled devices (smartphones, smartwatches etc.). All metro and railway entrance turnstiles equipped with contactless readers are recognizable by the symbol   icon contactless.

  • Pay&Go

    Use your credit or prepaid card to charge your Metrebus card at Pay&Go and Pay&Go+ parking meters:

    • at Pay&Go parking meters you will be able to charge monthly Metrebus Roma pass (only ordinary), BIT and 10-BIT tickets, tourist tickets ROMA24/48/72 hours and Integrated weekly card (CIS);
    • at Pay&Go+ you will be able to charge monthly and annual  Metrebus Roma passes (only ordinary), BIT and 10-BIT tickets, tourist tickets ROMA24/48/72 hours and Integrated weekly card (CIS).

At all Pay&Go and Pay&Go+ parking meters you will be able to activate public transport cards purchased online or at ATMs.

  • SMS & GO

    If you are a TIM, Vodafone or WINDTRE customer you can buy a BIT100 ticket writing a single SMS with direct debit on your phone credit. Open the Messages app on your smartphone. Write an SMS with the keyword BIT and send it to the number 48018. In a few seconds, you’ll receive an SMS on your phone with a link to the digital ticket with QRcode. Activate the ticket by selecting a button of your choice between METRO, BUS and TRAIN. You will need the Qrcode for on-board controls, to get on the vehicles and to open the metro turnstiles.

  • myAtac

    Atac offers a service that allows you to charge your ordinary e-format Metrebus subscriptions online on its website.

    If you have a Metrebus Card Red, on myAtac you will be able to charge the following subscriptions:

    • annual Metrebus Roma pass: € 250,00;
    • monthly personal Metrebus Roma pass:  € 35,00;
    • monthly impersonal Metrebus Roma pass: € 53,00;
    • annual Metrebus Lazio pass (zone A included): zones A-B: € 404; zones A-C: € 488,10; zones A-D: € 590,80; zones A-F: € 688,40.
    • monthly Metrebus Lazio pass (zone A included): zones A-B: € 59,50; zones A-C: € 73,50; zones A-D: € 91; zones A-F: € 108,50.

If you have an  èRoma card, on myAtac you will be able to charge your monthly Metrebus Roma pass for  35 euros. You can purchase this card at authorized shops (newsagents, tobacconists) at a cost of € 3.00.

On myAtac you can purchase Roma24/48/72 hour tourist tickets and the CIS weekly card and collect them at one of the authorized ticket offices showing them the voucher generated by the system at the time of purchase. Payment can be made by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro) or via PayPal. 

On myAtac you can request your subsidised travel pass for disabled and social pensioners. Since 1st September 2020 it is possible to make your request, send the necessary documentation and pay directly online.

On myAtac you can request your free travel card for police corps, armed forces and ANAS. The request of the card, the delivery of documentation and the payment of management costs can be made directly online. 

  • Bipiù

Buy and handle your ticket and travel pass directly from your smartphone. With B+ you will be able to buy and validate 100 minute BIT tickets, ROME 24/48/72 hour tickets and the monthly personal travel pass. Give a look at our Bipiù partners.