A history spanning over 100 years

21 MARCH 1911

the transport company ATM (Azienda Tranvie Municipali) inaugurates its first commercial connection from the central Piazza Colonna to the working-class district of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme. With the opening of line III (as it was called to distinguish it from the SRTO lines, company that managed most of the urban network under an almost monopoly regime), the Municipal Council, led by the mayor Ernesto Nathan, launches the “Municipal tram network project” which gradually managed to redeem the entire existing network.

  • 1909

    The first municipal transport company of Rome, AATM (Autonomous Municipal Tramway Company), is established; over the years it changes name several times: ATM, ATG, ATAG and finally, in 1944, it becomes ATAC

  • 1911

    The first three tram lines enter service

  • 1924

    The Roma-Lido Railway makes its inaugural journey from Rome to the coast

  • 1932

    Inauguration of The Rome-Viterbo Railway

  • 1955

    Opening of Rome’s first metro line: Line B, linking the Roma Termini railway station to the EUR district

  • 1980

    25 years later, opening of the second metro line: Line A, connecting Ottaviano to Cinecittà

  • 1990

    Inauguration of a new section of Metro Line B between the stations Termini and Rebibbia

  • 1999

    Opening of a new section of Metro Line A between the stations Ottaviano and Valle Aurelia, extended to the station Battistini a year later

  • 2010

    Merger of the former companies Trambus (surface service operator) and Met.Ro. (metro and regional rail service operator) into Atac S.p.A., that becomes the main public transport company of the Capital

  • 2012

    The first section of the new Metro Line B1 branch enters service between the stations Bologna and Conca d'Oro

  • 2015

    In June, opening of the new Metro Line C: first driverless metro of the Capital

  • 2018

    Opening of a new section of Metro Line C until the stop “San Giovanni”, first archeo-station of the Capital, which allows interchange with Metro Line A.