Metered parking

Payment method

There are different ways to pay your parking ticket for “blue stripe” stalls within the city:

  • Pay&Go parking meter:

    to pay the hourly fare, the discounted monthly rate for € 70.00 and public transport penalty fares

  • Parking meter with coins:

    to pay the ordinary fare of € 1.00/h (outside the limited traffic zone) and € 1.20/h (inside the limited traffic zone) and  to pay € 0.20 for 15 minutes. You may use 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent as well as € 1.00 and € 2.00 coins

  • Prepaid parking tickets:

    vouchers for € 1.00/h, € 1.20/h,  € 4.00 and € 70.00

  • Smartphone and mobile phone:

    you pay just the actual minutes of use and are able to extend the parking duration as you like. Follow our parking partners.

  • Phone credit

    If your phone operators are TIM, Vodafone, WINDTRE:

    • 1. Park your vehicle in a “blue stripe” stall and check the zone you are in
    • 2. Write a SMS indicating the license plate number of your vehicle and the zone in which you are parking, separated by a space (e.g. for Zone 1: AA123BB Z1)
    • 3. Send the SMS to the number 48018

    • For further information on the service, consult the FAQ section