Atac’s Historical Photographic Archive, consisting of over 60 thousand images (many of which on plate or negative), about 10 thousand photographic prints and 9 hours of footage, covers a period of time that goes from the first years of activity of the public company up to today.

The conservation and enhancement process of the Historical Archive began more than a decade ago thanks to the restoration, sorting and inventorying of the material (plates, negatives and photographic prints) followed by the digitalization of images. This enhancement process led to the participation in events, the organization of exhibitions and several publications.

On January 8, 2002, the Archival Authority of Lazio declared the Atac Photographic Archive "of remarkable historical interest" and therefore it is now subject to the current legislation on cultural heritage, as well as to the protection of the Authority itself.


Consultation of Atac's historical Photographic Archive


The archive, consisting in a total of 66,201 digital scans, can be consulted through a computer database. All images are filed with an inventory number, data relating to the quality and resolution of the image, as well as a short description