Folding bicycles with dimensions, when closed, of maximum 110 x 80 x 40 cm, are allowed on Metro lines A, B/B1, C, Rome-Lido and on the surface network every day of the week without time restrictions.


Non-folding and exclusively human-powered (therefore without any type of engine) bicycles, are allowed every day of the week, according to the following rules:

Surface vehicles - buses
The transport of non-folding bicycles during service hours is allowed as follows:

  • bus lines served by vehicles of at least 12 m, equipped with wheelchair spaces and recognizable by the specific pictogram. It is understood that if said space should be occupied by a passenger in a wheelchair (already on board or boarded later), the bicycle user will have to leave him the space by getting off the vehicle;
  • Trolleybus lines.

Surface vehicles - trams

The transport of non-folding bicycles, as hand luggage, is allowed only on low-floor vehicles which are equipped with wheelchair spaces, recognizable by the serial numbers 9100 and 9200.

  • Tram lines 2, 3 and 8 (usually served by trams with serial numbers 9100 and 9200)
  • Tram lines 5, 14 e 19 (occasionally served by trams with serial numbers 9100 and 9200)

Non-folding bicycles are not admitted on Stanga trams (series 7000 - 7100) and on Socimi trams (9000 series).

Metro lines and Regional Railways

The transport of non-folding bicycles, as hand luggage, is allowed without time restrictions on:

  • Metro line A
  • Metro line B/B1
  • Metro line C
  • Roma-Lido Railway

On Metro line A the stations of Spagna, Barberini, Repubblica, Termini, Vittorio Emanuele and San Giovanni are not accessible for bicycle transport.

In any case, the transport of bicycles on board of Atac metro-rail and surface vehicles, is complete responsibility of the passenger who takes it on board and the latter must take into account the crowding conditions of the vehicle. Passengers travelling with a bicycle are personally and exclusively liable for damages they may cause to themselves, to objects, to other persons and to the service, relieving Atac from any responsibility. Therefore they shall pay the utmost care when boarding and alighting from vehicles, during the whole journey, while placing themselves in the reserved spaces, keeping under control any protruding part of their bike.