The ordinary fare is 1.00 €  per hour in areas outside the limited traffic zone (Ztl) and 1.20€  per hour inside the limited traffic zone.

Reduced rates are valid in all zones: 0.20 € for 15 minutes (only with payment at parking meters); 4.00 € for 8 consecutive hours; 70.00 € for a whole calendar month.

Residents with permit, electric, hybrid and car sharing vehicles, as well as all other categories provided by law, are exonerated from payment of parking fares.
How to exercise the right to free parking.

The proximity parking rate (also valid for residents and commuters) is applicable in certain roads within non-residential blue stripe areas: 0.50 € for the first hour, second hour € 0.50, 2 € for 12 hours, 3 € for 16 hours.

Near the main hospitals and in metered parking areas, parking within white stripes is free for a maximum of 3 hours, using a parking disc. Residents with permit are exempted from these time limits.

For a detailed list of zones with timetables and fares, see also this link.