If you have a contactless credit, debit or prepaid card (recognizable by the contactless symbol), place it near one of the readers with the Tap & Go ® logo on all Atac surface lines including Roma Tpl buses, on the turnstiles of all stations of lines A, B/B1, C and of the Roma-Lido, Roma-Viterbo and Termini-Centocelle railways, as well as on board of all vehicles of the Termini-Centocelle line.

On buses, trams and trolleybuses wait for the green light on the display, in metro stations wait for the green light and the consequent unlocking of the turnstile.

Tap & Go ® also works with digital cards on NFC-enabled devices such as smartphones and smartwatches.

You can start your journey on any Atac or Roma Tpl surface vehicle or in any of the above mentioned stations and continue on any vehicle. 

Your ticket will be valid for 100 minutes from the first tap, while on the metro only for a single journey. This means that your journey on the metro can include different lines, but without passing through the turnstiles if you  change between lines A-B-B1; passing the turnstiles is permitted only to change between line A and C.