There are different ways to pay your parking ticket for “blue stripe” stalls within the city:

  • Pay&Go parking meter to pay the hourly fare, the discounted monthly rate for € 70.00 and public transport penalty fares.
  • Parking meter with coins to pay the ordinary fare of € 1.00/h (outside the limited traffic zone) and € 1.20/h (inside the limited traffic zone) and  to pay € 0.20 for 15 minutes. You may use 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent as well as € 1.00 and € 2.00 coins.
  • Prepaid parking tickets: vouchers for € 1.00/h, € 1.20/h,  € 4.00 and € 70.00.
  • Smartphones and mobile phones: with the new mobile payment system, you pay just the actual minutes of use and are able to extend the parking duration as you like. It´s easy and fast. All you need to do is click on your smartphone, send an SMS or make a call from your mobile phone. To learn more, click on the Atac parking utility.
  • Phone credit on your prepaid or postpaid sim card. To find out all the details, go to the FAQ section of our home page and type "phone credit" or click on the Atac parking utility.