In the “Status Updates” widget on the home page you can find arrival time predictions  at stops.

You have different possibilities:

  • you can query the status updates by line, choosing between Metro, Bus and Tram;
  • you can query the status updates by line, stop code or name, by choosing the “Forecasts” option;
  • you can use your GPS position to check the stops in your immediate surroundings choosing the “Close to you” function.

Please pay attention: currently about 95 per cent of the vehicles managed by Atac are monitored by satellite detection systems. However, it may happen that some vehicles do not correctly transmit their position and therefore are not detected during the query. In this case the system will give the information: 'No data found'.

Not all vehicles are monitored: Metro lines, Astral lines and all lines managed by other operators do not transmit arrival time predictions  at stops in real time.
We are working to improve the consultation process.